Grateful 8/52

This week I have started a gratitude journal. So to make it a bit personalised I found an old Sunset magazine and collaged away. My daily jottings have been to be grateful for what is in relation to me, my partners and my environment. Some highlights are I am grateful for good friends that I have had for ages – where we can talk about anything together, family time together watching a fun film ‘Buddymoon’ and I am thankful for air conditioning and being comfortable in our house during this last blast of heat all week.

Grateful 7/52

This week I am grateful for solo excursions that challenge me out of my comfort zone. Wandering out to the shops to pick up my new glasses I was wanted to see if Kmart had any new Bluey toys with my fave character – Calypso. They did not, so as I was looking for sheet sets I walked through the garden area and lo and behold I found a great little terrarium. Perfect for my succulent cuttings that have broken off. This is the beginning and I will see how it grows. I spray painted it green and sits on the dining table getting the afternoon sun and I mist it everyday.

There is so much time I like to spend pottering around with my indoor plants, this week I continued on little excursions around the place, when I went to the chiropractor. I then caught the tram back to walk home past the nursery! It takes all my willpower not to go in there. But I had spied an opportunity on our wall shelves that would benefit with a plant that loves to cascade down the shelves, so a Golden Pothos – Devils Ivy in yellow came to mind. Now the shelves look gorgeous with more greenery in amongst the books.

Grateful 6/52

The purpose of the weekly posts of gratitude is to keep my casual writing going each week. I have been having to write in a particular style for academic papers and there is no freedom of flow. Now I have the opportunity just to write away, just to be thankful for what has happened in my week. Just little things like on Thursday, I had my first full day of without a schedule of having to meet a deadline for anything. So I met a friend for lunch and we caught up for the first time since NYE. Lovely times together with friends are so good, just chatting over coffee with an amazing lunch at a local cafe. As for “me time” this week, I have finally got my glasses back and it is so good to see again properly! Being thankful of seeing my frames of pink as I write this and a clearer line of sight when I am out an about. Seeing beautiful trees like these with the figs out again, found in the back alleys of my neighbourhood and they look amazing, I reckon the birds will get them first! Other finds are many trees of olives, and they are just beautiful!

Grateful 5/52

This week has been intense with back to work for two full days and prepping the kinder with moving furniture to get everything organised for the year ahead. I have been thankful for having this garden to take care of and reflect on my days every evening. There has been a lot of rain and to be inside somewhere comfortable has been the best. It is so good to be surrounded by nature and beautiful golden mornings. Here’s to more time to relax!

Grateful 4/52

These little posts are designed to keep me consistent with ways to be grateful and not be overwhelmed by life. Lately I have written about 10,000 words of assignments as I have been having to get 3 assignment drafts completed before I go back to work in 2 days time.

This week I am thankful for this amazing gallery in Melbourne. I am so happy to be back home with having the opportunity to go regularly. For me, this is the place where I feel very much at home where some people go to church – I go to galleries to replenish my soul. This visit was very special with the NGV Triennial, it was such an immersive experience. If I have the time after all my Uni stuff is done, I will have to go back minus the children.

Grateful 3/52

Lucky cat when I went out for a night out on the town with my work friends. I was so thankful to have a night out as I have three assignments which have been taking up all my time during the week. It is like I have a full job writing assignments at the moment! Each day I look forward to my time out in the garden to water the plants – so looking forward to more freedom!

Grateful 2/52

Another week down which means only two weeks until it is back to work and school for the gang. This week I am grateful for the time out of my busy schedule to go into the city for a coffee with my daughter. It is amazing what a difference it can make to a week of full on studying. I have taken on 3 until this teaching period and I hardly have any time to do anything else but study. Now I have realised it is important to have some time out mid week (hump day) and have some me time!

Grateful 1/52

Thinking about how I can be a bit more productive with my writing I woke up in the middle of the night, thinking about how I can be grateful for experiences in my life and this image came to mind.
A sunflower starfish at the Seymour Marine Discovery centre in Santa Cruz, California. I am thankful for all the visits with the family when the kids were small. Just touching the creatures in the indoor tide pools has helped me appreciate the fragility of nature and the world around us.