The Melbourne tour

A bison – I’ve only seen these in Golden Gate Park 🙂
Hello Ms Hippo!

Mamma and baby Zebra

How can this cute guy be a man eater?? A baby croc

Imagine a pet lion?

When we were in Melbourne visiting family we were touring around the local attractions that we did not visit when we lived there! These pictures are from the Werribee Open Plains Zoo – which I loved for the bus safari tour where you can get up close with the animals… if only I had a telephoto lens!

One thought on “The Melbourne tour

  1. I think its great that you went and saw places that you didnt see when you were there yourself. I lived in London and never saw anything until friends came over then I did loads of tours and saw so much, its funny how you have everything on your doorstep but dont see it but when you leave and go back you then see more than you ever did.

    A Melbourne Tours Guide


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