Happy Birthday Mr Ash

Castle Ashwin after the candles were blown out!

My latest venture was organising a Spooky Sixth birthday for my little one! We had a sunny day of 26 degrees and everyone came in costume – polyester does not do too well in the warmth so some costumes were off in minutes of playing. The girls could wear their princess and fairy dresses and I was a Gothic Victorian witch – see the video the cake is in action. What a fun Halloween time was had by everyone with baby pumpkin and treat bag decorating, a Scooby Doo pinata and lots of playtime in the park. And we cannot forget cake time – it was a 3 layer cake with Whole Wheat Chocolate Devils Food Cake on the bottom and the top two layers was a Whole Wheat Butter Cake. The cake was covered in Buttercream icing and decorated with Toblerone and white chocolate dyed yellow for the windows. The Australian representative lolly on the cake were spider Freckles, mmmm!

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