Tidepooling at Pillar Point

Vibrant sea grass
Sea anemone – open in the shallow waters

One of the parents at my son’s school had a fantastic idea for the holidays and that is to go tidepooling near Half Moon Bay. It was lovely to be by the beach and looking for little critters in amongst the rocks and breathing the fresh sea air.

The gang walking on the sea grass
An orange sea star

The kids were having so much fun, though my oldest son was not too keen on stepping on the sea anemones – somehow that freaked him out so he got back to the shore earlier than planned. As for my daughter she was keen to explore some more and so we went right over to where the waves were breaking and that was just so special. There were sea stars in exposed amongst rocks and a guy who had caught an eel for his dinner, and for our dinner we ended the evening having fish and chips – for me corn cakes and chips (a vegetarian alternative). 

Banana slug wanting to go for a surf!

As we were walking back to the car we found 8 banana slugs in the bushes – I had never even seen a banana slug near the beach before so it was a strange site indeed! This pic above looks quite healthy and maybe even likes salty sand? We had found one that had crossed the path and was heading for the shore that was just like a slug covered in flour – who knows the slugs may enjoy a twilight dip? 

The evening sunset

As the sun set and the weather got cooler it was time to dash back to the warmth of the car and get to dinner. Here is the low tide at the contaminated beach side of Pillar Point which was very sketchy compared to the beautiful beach around the corner. 

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