Delicioso Peruvian food

An amazing Peruvian flan

Lunching in San Mateo as we had a delicious lunch at this hole in the wall Peruvian restaurant. I had never tried Peruvian food before and I did find one appetiser that was vegetarian – most of the menu is with meat. Which was fine for the rest of the family! I didn’t let that deter us as the dessert look delectable – so I was looking forward to that. The snack of the corn and spicy dip we had before our meal was tasty and to follow up was a house specialty for my husband who wanted beef and the kids had a fried rice with chicken which I shared with them as well (chicken was easy to pass on to the kids). The flan for dessert had a caramel sauce which was just like a creme caramel from the supermarket but 100 times better. Afterwards we enjoyed the B Street Books which is across the road and had a very interesting array of second hand titles. It is sometime fun to explore the SF Bay area…

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