Party time

Peach blossom

I haven’t been blogging as I was busy organising a party for my now 4 year old. We had a garden party in our back yard and it was such a beautiful day. While out buying supplies I found a bunch of peach blossoms which were a perfect addition for the table. I planned on getting a huge glass vase but I couldn’t justify spending the time and money to find it. Instead I found an old vase from a yard sale and dressed it up in ribbon. The flowers were the standout and we had a enjoyable afternoon feast with a cake in the shape of a butterfly – what a day for a spring fling. 

Butterfly cake with 4 candles as antennae 
The idea for the cake was found in a cake book I picked up at the library and I was impressed by the design and the fact that it was just one 9″ round cake cut into the shape of a butterfly. I think I made a 2 layer cake and the body was a genoise cake that failed miserably due to my lack of a KitchenAid Artisan. Still the cake was delicious and loved by my daughter 🙂 I love making cakes for the kids for their birthdays. 

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