First camp trip in time for Spring!

Our first camp trip this year was at the end of April and how beautiful the weather was this time of year with all the sunshine and wildflowers. It was just one night out at a magnificent state park called Henry Coe. Sad to say that this huge park was due to be closed to save California some cashola so our friends booked a spot before it was shut down. In light of the closing a nonprofit has saved the park for another 3 years, keeping it open so go and visit – why close down a state park when it provides so much happiness to all? The madness of the great American Monopoly game continues….
See the sign – I would like to picnic under this tree instead, thank you!

 We enjoyed hiking around to the Frog Trail up and down steep trails, lucky for us the weather was just perfect and not too hot. In the end a ranger came by and saved us from the steep hill trails and said go back to camp on the 4 mile trail, so we were happy he came by. The kids had a fun time on the long walk back to camp and we made it back in time for dinner to our friends who were busy recovering from their own adventure on the steep hills with two kids in toe.

Baby poppy in the spring grass

The highlight of the walk was the huge amount of wildflowers we came across and Henry Coe State Park is just the place to see them in all their glory.

A cool looking wildflower

We survived our first camp trip of the year with a list of things that we forgot to take in with us. Now we are prepared for our next one and I cannot forget the fleece as our next trip will be near the beach – yep it is summer with those warm days and cool nights! 

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