A few of my favourite things this summer…

This is a long post as I am super busy crafting for the FabMo Textile event on the 27th October – more about that later. So for now here is my summer in pictures…
Holly Wolly at Webb Ranch Farms

Berry picking at the farm with the kiddos – it was way too hot by the time we got there, we know for next year to go super early in the morning!

Mackaroni & Rydey

My nephew visiting from Australia with my sister – here he is on the first weekend in Cali… feeling the heat but thank goodness for berry frozen treats.

My sister & a cream puff with Rydey

A Hula show at Yerba Buena in San Francisco with my sister and my nephew and of course my family and friends eating cream puffs – yay!

Asheba @ the library

Going to an Asheba show at the local library on a gorgeous sunny summer’s day!

Oh my we are off somewhere very exciting….

Yes we are in Disneyland!!
What an amazing day!
Spending time in Disneyland was very exciting for everyone concerned – initially it was all very scary with heat, crowds and travelling but after we got through all that and experienced the fun to be had it was just a super place to visit and looking forward to going back again! 
Hanging with some Pixar friends
The kids loved It’s a Bug’s Land at California Adventure as it was just perfect for our 3 kiddos aged 6, 4 and 17 months. 
Going on a ride…
Not realising that I was afraid of heights on the Jellyfish ride at California Adventure – see more excitement here
The gang’s all here in our official Disney pic
Take me to your leader
 Nothing like TV in the morning before breakfast, kids watching the Disney channel on cable of course! What a magical time we had in Anaheim, So Cal!
My nephew and my sister
Hanging with my sister and nephew and checking out local haunts like Rengstorff House for a tour – it was a very educational tour by a docent learning of the history of the house and of the local hood.
Ground squirrel ready for action!
Capturing the ground squirrels with my SLR down at Shoreline park, the best local place to cool off on a warm summers day. 
Rainbow Sno
One buck for a sno cone full of sugar and ice – there is nothing like it while enjoying the shade of a big oak tree at Vasona Park. Oh and while we were there the op shop at Los Gatos has the best shoes – lots of gorgeous Italian shoes for women with bigger feet than me!
El Savadorian lunch
Papusas and Horchata (favourite track of mine from the Vampire Weekend album Contra) at El Calderon. A relaxing lunch with my sister and nephew – thanks to Bobbie and the crew 🙂
A picture of the gang of six
A photo shoot of all of us – and finally making a picture work after the many shots we took with the kids all over the shop. 
Marin in the summer
Staying in a hostel with our friends and enjoying the San Francisco blanket of fog on a summers day. We ended up at the Sausalito Childrens Museum for the day due to the chilly weather. 
Enjoying views of the Golden Gate Bridge
This was the next day – yes the above pic of the stairs was edited somewhat but it conveys the chill of the day. This was the Sunday and the sun was warm and the weather was just beautiful – with a chilly wind but yes we are at the city by the bay. 
Golden Gate Bridge – yes with some crazy filter from my Camera! app
There a picture of the bridge – an OK picture considering I did not have my SLR with me and I was using my iPhone camera.
Fruit pie crumble – oh my!
A Cuisinart 9 cup food processor and it is the best thing for making lots of pastry and helping me prep in the kitchen – I just love it! And by the way this pie was so tasty – it had peaches, pears and apples for the filling all sliced beautifully by the Cuisinart

Salt Point State Park
Camping at Salt Point State Park – such an amazing coastline with hardly any access to the beach, see the cliffs and the sea in this pic. We bush bashed to this spot by the coast as we could not find the trail, we were lucky to get out in one piece 🙂

Gerstle Cove with the fog
At Gerstle Cove we spent the day relaxing at a perfect little house made of logs of driftwood and rocks – we had fog for shade and the kids had a ball in the little inlet. 
Smores by the campfire
Camping and this is one of my favourite summer activities and next year we have to do much more – I’ll be there booking my summer vacay in January just to get the super camp spots.
Banana waffle with grated chocolate and maple syrup
Camp breakfast is the best with the morning light and the campfire – and everyone patiently waiting for our experimental breakfast using the waffle iron. Take waffle mix, sliced banana and pop it in your waffle iron. Place it over the open fire and cook away till the waffle is ready. Get your plate ready and grate some chocolate over the top and pour over as much maple syrup as you wish – what a way to start the day! 
Well that is it for now for my summer of 2012 – lots of family, friends, food and good times! Not long now till we hit the Autumnal Equinox and another good time of year Halloween – whooooo!! 

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