25 days of posts #5 Shopping for dresses…

I know why I do not shop around the Valley and prefer the online experience – basically because shopping here for clothes is not very good. I used to really love shopping but now I dislike it completely as I feel totally deflated after looking around and seeing clothes that should have stayed in the 80s and never been reinvented for the 21st century.

For a bit of fun today I went out to the Goodwill of Silicon Valley in Santa Clara – a bit of an adventure where previously I have found a cute dress for a halloween costume last year. Who knows what you may find in a Goodwill?? Plus it is a good way for up cycling, if that is at all possible.

Anyway I looked through the whole rack of dresses and found 6 to try on… Whew it was a bit of a stretch that I found that many but I thought for the Xmas party it is either cocktail or smart casual let us see how these look. Sizing is always an issue with dresses as sizes are strange. And style, well let us say that to find something that suits your style is always a bit of a tough one especially in the suburbs. In the end I got 2 dresses for $16 so that was a pretty good deal. One was a Gunne Sax dress that is very 80s – which is probably going to be a Halloween outfit for a 80’s costume next Halloween and a Target shift dress that can be a perfect layer dress. Some of the dresses really should have been called tees as they were so short. Though I have seen that as a bit of a trend here with ladies of the night who like to get dressed up as ‘Pretty Woman’ from the movie of the same name. So I took a couple of pics of the fabrics that were hanging about – that is if you are after a print! The last print is Anna Sui and was super cute – unfortunately I am not a size 3. 

Fabrics to choose from area 1
Fabrics to choose from area 2

Anna Sui dress fabric – very lovely, though way too small for me…

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