25 days of posts #12 – 12.12.12 Don’t cry over spilt milk

A very interesting date today 12.12.12 I hope it was special for everyone! For me it was just one of those busy days with rushing off to school for a field trip in the rain. Though it went ahead it turned out to be a perfect day for a hike in the hills. We got to see a lot of deer and smell the bay leaf trees after the rain. So that was something I can recommend to do after a morning of rushing around the place. So after school it was a nice of tea to wind down and relax after a day of dealing with kids on the field trip. Tonight was a lovely night of Qi Gong and it is something that I should do more often as it really brings you back to your self. Coming home this evening I wanted to grab something from the fridge and out comes a full bottle of milk all over the kitchen floor. Why cry over spilt milk when I have a cat to clean it up for me! I just needed a few more to clean up the huge mess of milk and glass. At least the kitchen floor is nice and clean now!

Mackaroni helping out with the cleaning

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