25 days of posts #21 a cuppa tea and a good ol chat

Being the last day of school and the last day for mummy only time – I met a friend of mine at a place I’ve been wanting to visit for a while. Bumble in Los Altos, my neighbours have told me about it and I do like the fact that it is kid friendly and has an awesome fish tank. So over the holidays I will have to take my son for a cuppa and some time with the fish. I was thoroughly impressed with the cafe as the service was super and the food was delicious – my friend and I shard a GF waffle with plump sultanas and apple compote with maple syrup and whipped butter. I love the fact that the menu is local and organic and by the taste of this one meal, I think I would love to come back for more! I think we plan to as the parking is easy and it is worth the trip if you like cafes with great decor and good looking bathrooms 🙂 also it is close to a a park for the kids to play afterwards.

Organic Jade tea – perfect for a blustery day

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