25 days of posts #24 whew christmas eve

What a day it has been – having to do the usual grocery shopping with a herd of last minute food shoppers at Whole Foods. It certainly was a bit tricky with the amount of people plus the kiddos in tow. Still they are little helpers and will fetch goodies off the shelves and ice cream out of the freezer 🙂 The other mission of the day was to locate a missing Christmas sack… where on earth could it be I thought? I found it in a big bag of clothes that have to be fixed due to holes or ripped seams – the said Christmas sack had holes in it! The bag was put away way back in June when I had to clear out the craft room and get it ready for our visitors this year. Man summer seems like such a long time ago now especially with the rain and cold. Today was quite beautiful with a blue sky and sunshine to enjoy! So I am now going to have to get through the bag of clothes in the New Year. Who knows what is in there?? Well the kiddos are very excited and have put out a glass of milk and peanut butter sandwich for Santa already! When I was young we used to leave a beer and some peanuts for Santa to snack on while he was out delivering. Lucky he had the reindeer to help him along if he did drink all that beer!!

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