52 week project – sri lankan cook book – Yellow Rice (vegetarian style)

A project I have been wanting to work on for ages has been to collect my mums Sri Lankan recipes and then make a book of them. So now I have a Sri Lankan cookbook and her recipes it is time to get myself into gear with making it happen, I have decided to make it into a 52 week project as that is somewhat doable with my schedule with the kids, cats and volunteer work. So here is the book and recipes I have so far and each week I will have to gather supplies and make something Sri Lankan… Here goes!

The Ceylon Cookery book – published in December 1968 

My mums written recipes
My husband love Sri Lankan food too and he was so excited he decided to make a Love Cake for New Years Eve. For our wedding we had love cake as our wedding cake, it is not too fancy though it is incredibly aromatic and delicious. He did an excellent job of making it the first time with unknown ingredients and since trying it out on our friends has received a few hints on the ingredients. Here it is on our table – a bit out of focus it sits in front of the green cheese platter. 
Sri Lankan love cake – which everyone enjoyed

This week I am doing something easy (I hope!)

Yellow Rice – here is the recipe straight from my mums notes.

Cook in a Rice Cooker
Wash 5 cups of Basmati Rice (a couple of times taking away the starch) then add 6 cups water 
3 chicken stock cubes (I will be using vegetarian stock)
Cardamon pods (6 or 8) 
A sprig of Curry Leaves
Powdered Turmeric
& stir well with a fork. 
Then lastly add on top 
1 finely chopped onion
6 or 8 cloves
2 or 3 pats of Ghee on top and place in Rice cooker and turn on and cook till it switched off to “keep warm” then with a fork take out all spices, but leave a few curry leaves and with a fork stir through rice and break any lumps so it will be easy to dish out on to a place and eat!!
Here is the Update on the Yellow Rice recipe… I took it on a more healthy approach by using brown rice.

Yellow Rice – the Vegetarian Version

Rinse 2 cups brown basmati rice
For flavour I suggest this stock – use 3 cups dehydrated porcini mushroom stock
6 crushed cardamon pods
1 bay leaf
1/2 teaspoon turmeric
2 tablespoons butter
1/2 finely chopped onion
2 cloves garlic

Next turn on your rice cooker and wait – it is very easy.

Brown rice turning into Yellow Rice

Due to the vegetarian version of no chicken stock cubes – use whatever flavourful vegetarian stock you have to get a deeper flavour throughout the rice. I used a small amount of stock so I will try it again with the 3 cups and see what happens. The yellow rice from my mum is oh so delicious and I am sure it has to do with that chicken stock cube and the fresh curry leaves from the tree!

This is the side I had with it and it was a great colourful plate of food – the pumpkin miso was a tasty addition to the yellow rice.

101 cookbooks Miso Sesame Winter Squash recipe or from the book Super Natural Everyday

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