A very successful Spring Trunk Show!

I just wanted to say a big thank you to the local peeps who made it to the Trunk Show last Saturday. Our theme was Mothers Day and Fathers Day and of course Spring! The weather was in full force last week and it was beautiful, sunny and very HOT. Still for those who came there was a bounty of goodies to check out and some very tasty treats. Here are some of my dyed scarves that I just love and also pictures of the show – enjoy!

Dyed Silk scarf – I love this colour!

Shibori dyed scarf in purple – my neighbour luckily scored this beauty!

Purple shibori dyed scarf

Dip dyed watermelon and lemon circle scarf – what a great Mothers Day prezzo

The Trunk Show ready to go

My array of goodies for sale

The delicious food and drinks 

I love these Macaroons by Audrey from Macaron & More

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