NaBloPoMo – Day 4 – Technological Advances in Field Trips!

Today my son went on a virtual field trip with his 3rd Grade class with two other schools in the USA – Harlem, New York City and Bellevue, Nebraska. They visited the Seattle Aquarium and the Minnesota Zoo in the US and the Solar Impulse Project in Switzerland.

I am so thrilled that my kids have the opportunity to experience this and ask questions on such fascinating subjects. I know my son loves the aquarium and the zoo but the Solar Impulse project is pretty awesome with a solar powered airplane that will fly around the world. The Europeans have such an inspiring point of view with their passion for life and their care for world as a whole.

This field trip was a Google Plus Hangout that was created and I am in awe at the wonders that exist in technology and how lucky the kids are!

Here are a couple of links for the videos – they are quite amazing so check them out!

The Solar Impulse Project

The Seattle Aquarium

Minnesota Zoo

My son is screaming with excitement as he talks to the guys in Switzerland
at 6:45pm on the other side of the world!

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