NaBloPoMo – Days 1, 2 & 3 – a Combo Post

A friend of mine reminded me by her FB posts that it is National Blog Posting Month! As I just finished this great instagram contest through SF Etsy called Craftobergram and had such a fun time posting daily – I wanted to challenge myself with doing a daily blog post.

So here goes… I wanted to talk about the booth I had at the FabMo Textile Art Boutique – exactly a week ago! It was such a fun day with meeting lots of new people and volunteers that I have met before. The beginning of the day was quite slow due to the weather being very foggy and cold. Soon the crowd picked up and we had a busload of ladies that had come from Sacramento just to go shopping at this event and that was when the energy picked up! I met a lot of people commenting on my work saying it was very colourful and chatting about what I was knitting while I was sitting at my booth. I sold about a third of my stock so all in all it was a successful day – I had made about 30 items and 13 of those were brooches. The larger bags were the bags I was wanting to sell and they all went – I think a large tote is a good thing to have. Here are a couple of pictures from the show.

My booth all good to go after I set it up!

The view from my booth – checking out the art on the walls

This weekend I was at a Qi Gong class – 2 x days 9:30 to 5pm working on the Moving Program of Life. We learn about working on a chart using our time of birth, year, date and month that will balance our life and we can move along our path in life smoothly. I must say it is wonderful being with such a lovely group of ladies and our teacher my acupuncturist Catherine Burns. Something I discovered today is that I should wear more green – here is one of my favourite shades of green.

Lovely green moss with teeny fungi

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