NaBloPoMo – Day 10 – A lazy though productive Sunday

Today was spent sleeping in till 8:30am – what a luxury! Followed by a lazy Sunday morning organising the closet and passing on clothes and shoes to Goodwill – such a great feeling to be clearing out and sorting for the new season. I had a bit of work to do for the shows I am doing this week and next so that is progressing along slowly…

So the afternoon came and it was time to get the kids out in the fresh air and get some energy out at the park, we decided to go for a bit of a walk to admire the trees and we found this great dream car for Missy…

Missy and her pink sports car complete with Hello Kitty car seat covers!

I wanted to see the trees before they loose all their leaves and there are a couple of favourites that I like to admire with their leaves in the autumn colours.

This beauty is just outside and its glowing colours in the afternoon 

This autumn tree is much more moody in it’s colour

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