NaBloPoMo – Day 14 – Art is all around…

Today was my Arts Focus volunteer hours at school and that takes up the whole morning. It is such a wonderful time with the kids sewing away. Today we were doing embroidery and because of the focus involved the little Kinder kiddos were pretty tired by recess so we switched it out to fleece pillows so they could have a bit of a break but still a lot of the kids were wanting breaks to relax their fine motor skills and of course their focus.

I have an embroidery project that is still unfinished and from that experience I know it is an activity that requires a lot of concentration – this explains why I have not finished it yet! Knitting is a perfect activity that I can do in front of a movie and not think too much – which is why I enjoy it. Though reading a pattern and knitting and chatting can be a bit challenging. Anyway there was art all over the campus at school today and I found this created by our kids in the the 3D class – a nature installation outside.

An Autumn Nature 3D Art Installation created by the kiddos in the Arts Focus class 

After all the arts was over – home for a cup of tea and then out again to visit some friends for another play date at their house and we ended up dancing into the evening with Just Dance on the Wii – the kids came home asking Daddy to turn our TV into a computer game 🙂

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