NaBloPoMo – Day 17 – Some Christmas shopping at a Pottery Show

This morning we went to a pottery show as a friend of mine was exhibiting her gorgeous jewellery that I have been meaning to buy and they also make great Christmas gifts. We ended up finding a couple of pendants as gifts for the family. The funny thing is that Ashwin scored a ceramic cat from one of the artists and we thought he was a bit confused about the payment system but the artist said to him that the first kid she saw at the show she would give a piece of her artwork to them. He was very happy that he got something and it really excited him to work with clay so he came home and did some claymation with some play dough. We are planning on doing a ceramics class together hopefully in the future.

Oh and as the kids were unpacking Holly dropped one of the pieces on the ground and it ended up being a broken heart – hopefully I will be able to fix it.

The pieces of pottery we scored for our kitchen – I love the mugs and the olive oil bottle

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