NaBloPoMo – Day 19 – A knitting odyssey

I am in the process of beginning a project for a friend as a trade off for some lovely barkcloth fabric she gave me. I gave the option to choose yarn and she liked the Malabrigo – my favourite yarn to work with! It is absolutely beautiful and soft to the touch and so snuggly. The cast on has been an absolute test to my knitting knowledge – for some reason I have been having trouble with the long tail cast on. With so many videos of ‘how to’ I am still not getting the right length and either my tail is way too long or too short! Today I managed to get a perfect row of purl stitches down the needle but then the tail is too long and I don’t know if I am doing it right yet again… So it’s back to unravelling and starting from scratch. Well at least I will be mastering this technique by the time I am finished with it!

The great balls of yarn that I was unravelling while reading to missy at the playground today

Lots of yarn everywhere – mmmmMalabrigo

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