NaBloPoMo – Day 24 – A day out to San Francisco!

Today we planned a day out to the California Academy of Sciences as we became members this year. We met our friends who live locally and hung out together meeting at the cafe for lunch and eating outside in the sunshine on such a beautiful day! We checked out the rainforest and the aquarium and the guys enjoyed a talk on nudibranchs while we saw the penguins and played a computer game where you have to catch insects in a net for studying. Oh and how can I forget the 3D film we saw called ‘The Last Reef’ with some underwater photography I had never seen before.

After the Cal Academy we could not resist time outside at the playground at Golden Gate Park and the kids and I went for a ride on the carousel!

The gang walking across the park with some ice cream 
Ash finds his fave animal to ride on!

Missy spotted the orange cat with a bow and that was her animal!

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