NaBloPoMo – Day 26 – Car Shopping and time to Breathe

Today was a day when my husband & I had time to be together with no kiddos, they were at school. So as a romantic adventure we decided we would go car shopping – yay! It is hard to get so excited about a new car and dropping a lot of money but still our little green car is 13 years old has been broken in twice. The reason to get some new wheels is to find a reliable car that we can take on our adventures, that can drive in snow (not too often) but something we can drive on a road trip out of California to see more of this country we now live in. Initially we looked at an Outback but it is big and had not much room in the boot for our camping gear so the next option was a sedan that is comfortable and has a decent size boot/trunk for all our camping gear. So it looks like the Legacy sedan may be the choice for us. We both like Subaru cars so fingers crossed all the time we spent at the car yard today goes well!

Well a very merry christmas with some new wheels!

 As for time to breathe it is such a great feeing that we have a whole 3 days off school this week! We plan to hang out with friends and catch up on some fun things like eating, drinking and playing. I need to make some desserts but that is all fun. The desserts are a vegan pumpkin pie, chocolate mousse made from tofu and a baked pear tart with a hazelnut crust – oh yum!

As the sun set today…

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