NaBloPoMo – Day 28 – Thanksgiving and a day to eat lots of good food!

Today is a day to be thankful. I am thankful for many things though what stands out is the amazing friends I have made while living in this country for the last 7 years. Today we are visiting our close friends for Thanksgiving – our camping buddies in Oakland. We will be sharing a mostly vegetarian feast and the boys will be eating a Heritage Happy Turkey (fingers crossed!) I read Eating Animals recently and it is very shocking to read about the way these animals are treated and pumped with so much antibiotics and medications for this one day to feed the masses. I am happy that I have chosen the path not to eat animals and that is something that I will stick to now as I have seen many films and read many books about the mis-treatment of animals for food production. Watch the film Earthlings and that film had such an effect on me that I cannot eat animals again.

The Pear tart that we will be having for dessert today

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