A piece a week – A gift for a friend!

This week’s piece was all consuming as I had a deadline for it to be done by Sunday morning. Of course when it came down to it I was stitching the felt details on the Sunday morning!! Anyway it got into the gift bag and our little friend loved it. 
This is a pattern from the Wee Wonderfuls site and I love this cat with it’s point tail, ears and legs. It was very easy to put together as long as you have a lovely cotton fabric to work with. This is a sleeve from a Kimono and Japanese Kimono fabric is so beautiful to work with. The details are a pink felt and the eyes I found in my collection of buttons, it is getting harder to find pairs of buttons in my button jar these days as I have been using them for all sorts of things like barrettes, hairbands and lots of fun stuff for the little girls. 
Pointy Kitty on the window sill

As I knew this would be a finished piece this week I made sure I found a project that I enjoy doing as I had made this guy before for another little friend of mine who really loves it and still plays with it. I love how little girls just love their stuffies.

Pointy Kitty about to stalk

Here’s looking at you Pointy Kitty

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