A piece a Week – Patchwork Park Purse

This week I was working freely without a pattern and lots of fabric I found by the Designers Guild – a fabric sample of discontinued cotton with an interesting array of colours and of course the design I love too! A friend had asked me to design smaller purses just for carrying essentials around, say a trip to the local park – where you just need your keys & phone & small bits and bobs. I was inspired by a friends little purse – so I used that idea for the strap and wanted to see how the rest of the design unfolds. And unfold it did as I really just started with the bare minimum of 6 pieces of fabric to make the outer and then the lining and inside pocket. The closures are always the hardest to imagine but lucky for me I cleared out my sewing box from when I was in Australia and found a couple of silver snaps that I really liked on the purse. It was a challenging project and made me think about how to piece it all together but in the end it really came through and I really like it. I do think that it may be a bit too small for the prototype for my friend though I will see!

Hanging around waiting for the next park date

So out we go down to the park! 

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