A piece a week – a test apron & fun in the snow

This week I worked on an apron with some yardage I found at FabMo – it was a project which I liked and I will make some more soon! This will go up on my etsy site sometime soon… Currently I am on vacay at the snow – it has been lovely to relax & the plan was to stay away for technology for a week but we have wifi so yippee I can post to the blog as my week last week was flat out!!

Here is a picture of the lodge where we are staying in Tahoe and it is such an incredible house made entirely of logs – just like Lincoln logs. The front balcony is to the room where we are staying with the four of us – the kids on a mattress on the floor and us on a California King size bed, oh the luxury. We have to be thankful to our friends who invited us this year to share this amazing place with them!

The huge 5000 square foot lodge

The apron from last weeks creative adventure

Lots of maple leaves on the inside

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