A piece a week – the Hideout Crochet Hat

As my project this week had to be portable I decided I wanted to crochet something… Crochet is a new thing I want to really hone in on this year – getting crafty with the hook! I have a work in progress at the moment and that is a big pouf for the lounge but that one is a long haul project and is getting there slowly. This week I found some amazing hand spun merino a friend of mine gave me from her trip to Australia. It was very interesting to crochet with hand spun as the weight of the yarn is so varied from worsted weight to super bulky and it feels so good in your hands. I did not follow a pattern this time and just went with the flow of what was happening with the yarn and the size of the hat to see what came through. I think that without following a pattern I understood the stitches a bit more and learned to work with shaping the piece. I have called this hat the Hideout Hat named after the lodge we stayed at in the peaceful Eldorado National forest.

Wearing the hat in the evening light 
The Hideout Hat in amongst the snow – I loved the snow! 

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