A piece a Week – Some photography on Mothers Day

Last week was just too busy for my liking! I managed to grab some open windows of time to get work done for a friend of mine with her pillow project which I am happy to say is completed! The tricky part was installing an invisible zip. I had worked with zippers before on clothing but not for someone who is paying me for professional work so it had to look extra spiffy. In the end I embraced a love for invisible zippers and now I want to put a zip in everything! I took them over to my friends place yesterday and the pillows look lovely in her Eichler house.

With that project completed with the hand sewing on Saturday while I was watching Eurovision 2014 with the bearded lady on the Internet I am somewhat free for other projects at hand. The class yearbook has been sucking up a lot of my time lately but that will be off to print on Friday – yay!

All this extra real work did not create any time for my fun projects this week so I grabbed my camera with a 50mm lens and took it out to Stow Lake at Golden Gate Park for a Mothers Day sojourn with my friend and her family! We went for a lovely row in a rowboat with my hubby and son on the oars and after our boat ride we went for a wander to Park Chow for some delicious sustainable fish tacos!

On our way back we wandered by a big band performing and looked at some waterfalls between the De Young and the Cal Academy of Sciences and the weather was just perfect!

Goslings – a highlight of my day!

A Canadian Geese family 

Off they go into the lake…

A rower in action!

Concentrating little rower

Lovely looking silver tree

Ice cream from Twirl and Dip 

What is going on here?? A bit of spanking maybe??

By the fountain and having a good time!
Next to a Lyre
Little missy with a peace lily

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