A piece a Week – Patchwork Snakes and Summer memories in a Photo book

This week did not pan out as I had planned – instead of having a full day to design and create it was down to less than 3 hours on two days and around an hour the other two… I was being the chauffeur to and from the summer camp, two trips daily! After the initial shock of losing all that time, I had to plan those little blocks with projects that had a deadline such as my summer photo book – see the final product here. So that book had a deadline of Wednesday so I could get my $10 Groupon deal – which is just super as I do a book every year of our summer adventures. This year was exceptional with the time we had away up in Northern California. After that was all sorted, it was time to get ready for the rest of the week which was dinner with friends on Saturday night with a vegetarian lasagne to prepare and a fig tart for dessert, both turned out delicious and I am happy to be enjoying figs while they are in season at the moment! I think this was the third week in a row of making this tart – it still tastes so scrumptious!

After all the preparations for the cooking were done that left me a part of an afternoon and a morning over the weekend to do a little bit of sewing. I was inspired to make a patchwork snake as I saw it in this great book Minieco – I cannot wait to do more of the projects in this book especially the macrame which I have started, yet to finish… There are a lot of scraps in my craft room and as I am enjoying the quilting at the moment I decided to give this snake a go and see how it came out. I made one and then of course I had to make another one for child number 2! So far they are being road tested by the kiddos and we will see how they go after a couple of weeks and what I need to do to make them withstand the tests of time as toys!

Helping out with the stuffing

Stuffing away… you will see how long this guy is!

Snake in the succulents

Yikes there is a super long snake near the tomato plants!!

Snake number 2 in red and yellow as requested!

Look out here he comes!

Why not turn your snake into a guitar?!?

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