A piece a Week – Patchwork Messenger Bag

This week was somewhat back into the school routine with a normal school week or 1 minimum day and I had a lot of time up in the craft room working on my pieces for the Textile Art Boutique happening on October 25. So far so good with the 6 weeks of production time I have left. Last night I sat down with my calendar and worked on what pieces I will be producing each week so I make my target of the week before the show opens… there is always the prepping of the swing tags, inventory, pricing and visual display to do too!

Here is a bag I created this week with the unfinished quilt top that I repurposed into a messenger bag. I liked the idea of using the quilted fabric for the front of the bag and a generic fabric for the rest of the bag – the black and gold fabric I found at a thrift store near Mt Shasta. I have been road testing it this week and it has been a useful bag with it’s back pocket and pockets for organization in the interior. Yay for organization in a bag and especially the pockets – they are the best!

I am very happy with this bag and quite thrilled at the way it came out so I have straps for 4 more and each one will be one of a kind!

Patch Messenger Bag with vintage buttons

Inside the bag with more pockets

Back of the bag with pockets

At the end of the week we had Rocket Day at our school. Families of our community bring a picnic or visit a food truck for dinner and hang out together on the grass and watch rockets fly into the air! I didn’t realize what an excellent event it is, as the kids go and play away and the adults can play with the rockets if they like or relax and chat on the grass. The kids make their own rockets and they are sent out in the air by way of a bicycle pump! My friend Fabio took this picture of us on our picnic blanket – I was trying to keep Ash’s head out of our dinner! Dinner was a middle eastern finger food deal of felafel and pocket bread with zaatar and a bit of guacamole thrown in for extra protein. Some wine would have been good too but we were on the school grounds ;?

Look out dinner!! 

 On the weekend our only major plan was going to the Art and Wine Festival to see Holly’s piano teacher and the students perform. As Holly has only been playing piano since February this year, she was not too thrilled about performing in front of a bunch of strangers at a festival. We both sat at the front and supported our fellow musicians. And as it was a bit hot sitting down in the middle of a car park in the afternoon sun it was time for a snow cone under the trees afterwards – I don’t know about the food coloring in these things but everyone enjoyed them!

Look out for the blue tongue lizard 

Ahh there is the blue tongue skink!!

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