A piece a Week – More pieces for the Textile Art Boutique and checking out some Skulls at the Cal Academy

Another week flew by and I managed to complete a couple of bags in the minimal time I had available. I think because I had so many meetings last week that the week seems like a bit of a blur! The highlight was having our neighbors over for dinner on Saturday night – we can still enjoy the outside with some candle light and good food and wine until it gets cooler. We had a roasted vegetable quiche with salad (bought over by our neighbor, oh so good) and for the kids they had roasted pepper and cherry tomato with cheese tart – it had a crispy crust and was just like thin crust pizza. And for dessert we had an amazing strawberry and rose water ice cream – inspired by this recipe. I used a whole tin of coconut milk and a big splash of rosewater, oh my what an addition! We served it with macerated strawberries and pistachios – delish! 
The bags below was all I had time for this week as I had a ton of prep work to do. As it has turned out my neighbor had a serger / overlocker for sale and I bought it from her and that has helped so much! It has been wonderful to have one in the house and I am so looking forward to making some tunics for the winter – it will make clothing creation so much easier 🙂 
This large tote was something I started for the last show and did not get to finish in time so I quilted it and it came out to be a perfect bag for a picnic. The quilted cross body bag I finished from last week is now to hang for the show. 
Large Tote needs a bit of ironing though 🙂
Quilted X Body Bag – completed

Underwater at the California Academy of Sciences
On the Sunday we visited the California Academy of Sciences to see the Skulls exhibit at long last and it was so worth it! Ash had a bit of a freak out when he first went in and after talking about skulls for a while it did not seem as freaky 🙂 Admittedly seeing a wall of sea lion skulls was intense and beautiful at the same time. In amongst the skulls we had to find out other animals skulls by the sound of their howl, roar and the like and it was a very tricky game. The kids were really good at it and found all of the random animals on the wall. 

A wall of sea lion skulls
The skull of a hummingbird
Finally we visited the Planetarium and saw the show Dark Universe – in all our visits to the Cal Academy, the kids had not wanted to go. I was so happy to visit the Planetarium at last and the kids really enjoyed the 3D effect too! We had our picture taken at the Skulls exhibit with skulls that were created with a 3D printer. I said to the guy – Why is this giraffe skull so light?  It was made with a industrial 3D printer. The kids enjoyed the smaller skulls and really did love the exhibit too – it was so fascinating!
Good times with the skulls!

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