A piece a Week – A hat for the Walkathon and Party Time!

Wonderfully amazing week last week with so much going on! Volunteer hours at school have started, it was the walkathon plus it was Ash’s 9th birthday! I had to make date snacks for the class as a party snack as well – whew! So much going on, though we got through and had a great weekend to top it all off with a Lego party with Andrew from Playwell Teknologies who came and entertained the kids with ideas for Lego using a 9V motor and catapults – super fun! The kids had a blast and the adults enjoyed some relaxation in the garden with some beers and wine – an excellent party all around. 
My walkathon hat – excellent for a vacay, say when???

Date bars – DIY Lara Bars, perfect for a walkathon snack! 

How many laps do I have to walk??
Lap 13 – time for an otter pop!!
The prize shirts for the K&1st grade kids who walked 50 laps or the 2nd to 5th who walked 75 = 15 miles

 The idea for the cake was something low key as I did now have the bandwidth to make a super special cake from scratch. Ash wanted marble cupcakes so it was the Whole Wheat Vanilla Pound Cake recipe to the rescue with a swirl of melted chocolate throughout to give the cake the marble effect. Friday night I baked 36 cupcakes for the party so I could ice them Saturday morning for the afternoon party!

Lego dudes taking a bath before they land on a cupcake whirlpool!
Cupcakes waiting for the guests to arrive

Everything is awesome! The birthday boy on his special day 🙂

Minecraft guys ready to be catapulted

Happy 9th!
Oh and also last week I had a few pieces to wind up for the inventory for the FabMo Textile Art Boutique – little details like finding vintage buttons to go with the super interesting quilt from the quilt top I am using in the collection this year entitled ‘Quilted Style’. This is a detail from a X-body Small Purse. 
Found this super cute button in my stash! 

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