A piece a Week – The Halloween Costume

Halloween my favorite time of the year! No for the candy but for the fun of getting to dress up to go trick or treating with the kids! Yes the kids love it too and both of my kiddos loved getting into their outfits for Halloween. One at the very last minute – thank goodness for a fabric stash and a sewing machine 🙂 
The flapper dress made from FabMo fabric collected over time

Elven Warrior tunic – made from donated wool fabric and FabMo scraps

I took my camera out to take some pictures but darkness came all too quickly and it was very tricky to get some decent shots without a flash! I like the spookiness and light in a picture that has been hand held in the dark but I know I have to deal with camera shake without a tripod. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the night when I went out with my black cat trick or treating…

Watching Pharrrell’s ‘Happy’ on the projected screen – very cool!

Dancing with the Jack O Lantern light

Silhouettes down an alleyway – look out for Maleficent

Black Cat dancing away! 

Oh and here is my last minute attempt at carving a sugar pie pumpkin. I thought all along you have to carve out the big ones but this guy is quite small and came out very well! It is an owl if you cannot tell…. I sponged it with a white acrylic acrylic paint for an interesting effect. Well it was on a tutorial I found on Pinterest! I threw in a LED light and you can see a video of it here at my tumblr blog – spooky!!

Sitting with a couple of delicata squash

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