A piece a Week – More sewing for another show this weekend!

Another week flies by with being as busy as a bee! The week consisted of making, picking up kids, making dinner, cleaning up, reading and then more making. By the end of the week it was time to rest on the weekend catch up on gardening and make more. Oh we managed to catch up with some Aussie friends at a local beer and burger joint and go out to see a light up magic show. The show was a lot of fun with acrobatics, crystals, magic, LEDs and a chinchilla. The kids were out late that night and in for a bit of a treat and came home sleepy with glow bracelets.

Oh Sunday was fun with a ceramic show to visit my friend Pebble and Fire – it was a great show and I love my friends work! I bought a gorgeous necklace in purple and stud earrings. I was checking out everything with the eyes of a ceramic artist (I go to a ceramics class every Wednesday and love it!) so it was an eye pieces that I likeed and how did they do that?

The rest of the weekend was spent making and wrapping up pieces for the Trunk Show this weekend. Come on over to Whisman Station in Mountain View to start your holiday shopping. Here are some pieces for the show. More scarves and some fancy velvet tote bags – just perfect for your lunch! And of course more snakes – they have been popular this year! For more details on the show PM me at trish.peach at gmail dot com.

Check Scarf – brighten up a winter outfit

Stripe scarf with some interesting colors and feels good to touch

Fancy velvet tote!

More snake action

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