A piece a Week – A Bag Commission for an Xmas gift and a winter dress

This week went by so fast and I had such a crazy day on the Thursday starting at 8am with our sewing class at school, then an afternoon at the school holiday boutique and the evening a classroom meeting. Whew what a day! I was so happy to take it easy on Friday and then came the weekend for a bit of R and R in the form of a night out with the ladies on the town! We met at the best Happy Hour restaurant in town – Xanh and had cocktails and dinner there. The food is so good and presented beautifully. After dinner we found dessert at Alexanders Patisserie – Oh My!! I really cannot wait to go back and try something with chocolate in it! I had the Lemon Tart and it was so divine, just right tartness and the custard was oh so creamy, yum!!

Lychee Martini – my fave!
This Lemon Tart was amazing with a cup of Oolong Tea

Sunday was another family night out for a potluck with our music school – missy played her first gig and Fur Elise is her fave so she played it in front of a crowd which was pretty impressive for a little person. A small video is here.

Missy playing Fur Elise

A friend of mine who I went out with on Saturday night reminded me about her commission for a bag for a Chrissy gift for her friend… I said yep this weekend I will get it started and I completed it and sold it and she loves it! The fabric is embroidered silk and is just stunning!

Such a beautiful tote bag commision

A project I started last week as I am wanting to sew more clothes for the season is the dress below. I will have to post a picture of me wearing it, as stretch fabric on a mannequin does not do it justice! A very interested pattern to work with and I will try it again on another thicker stretch fabric.

The dress I started making last week! 

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