A piece a Week – A cosy warm Handspun Merino Cowl

I love to knit using bulky yarn and before I know it the knitted piece is finished and I can be snug and warm. Thing is, I am a lizard who grew up in a tropical climate so the cold does not agree with me. Sure it is great to get bundled up and wander around but the sun is the best place for me! 
This week I started this cowl when we were driving up to Elkhorn Slough and completed it watching a favourite show – Downtown Abbey. So it was then time to block it to see the stitch detail. This is the Vite cowl found on Ravelry. As this is a colored yarn maybe the stitches of the grapevine don’t show that well but boy is it warm. The cowl is doubled and when the sun is shining in the afternoon I can just let it hang.

A bit of stitch detail

Doubled and cosy!

I also hung the Art Show with the Arts Focus Sewing team at City Hall on Friday and what a collection of interesting pieces by the kiddos – we have our reception coming up next week and that is when the kids can get their pieces back! 

The group quilt and a pillow, hat, fabric collage and embroidery

The other group quilt – kids will do a square each and a one of our team will bind and back it together

A collection of all the projects including a stuffed animal!

Another Ramen joint has opened up downtown so I was very excited to go on the weekend after a trip to the Farmers Market! The vegetarian ramen was yummy as well as the seaweed salad – oh I could just eat the wakame – yum.

Vege Ramen with eggplant – yes!! 
A super cool fit out at this place – Noren at the tables was a nice touch as well as the fancy bathroom

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