A piece a Week – Aloha to a Tangram Design Top & some Ukelele Playing

After the week of lemons, symphony and a geometric top (1st draft) I wanted to try out another top in the same design just to see how it would look in a brighter colour combo. I have this lovely green fabric by Liberty of London in my fabric stash and I combined it with a magenta fabric.
The reason for all this brightness and colour is because we are off on vacay to Maui (see the Panama hat in the pic!). We will be staying on a 2 acre property in the upcountry where it rains most of the time – which means it will be lush and wild and away from the condos and people! We are planning to hang on the beach and hike and check out lots of yummy food. I have been busy planning the itinerary for the week as we want to make the most of our time there. The Road to Hana is on our list and I will have to get prepared with the ginger candies for travel sickness as I mapped the route and there are many turns and bridges, so best to be prepared. 
Hope this top travels well as I will wear it with some jeans and my beloved Campers for airport security – you know take those shoes off and wander around. After the airport fun, I cannot wait to go and swim in the sea and check out some turtles. The countdown is on!!!
Liberty of London fabric and Magenta

Big V at the back of the top

Saturday the local library had a Ukelele jam and what better way to get into the spirit of Aloha than to get out my Uke. It was a fun time and I learned some songs and how to hold my fingers on the strings to get a G note – looking at the picture, it IS as tricky as it looks!  

My ukelele out and about

Oh and just for some fun and to bring in some cat energy – Cat Cafe in Mountain View anyone?!? I have been reading on the neighborhood forum boards that there is an interest in having a cat cafe in Mountain View. There’s one in Oakland, one to be crowd funded in San Francisco, one in Melbourne and there are at least 39 in Japan! Kitties, Tea and pats what a lovely way to pass the day…

Yay to the Cat Cafe says Macaroni

Kitten Art Ms Bella

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