A piece a week – Making at the Maker Faire

With all the preparation last week to get ready for the Maker Faire Saturday and all the school events plus Qi Gong, Hula and Pottery classes time was slim to actually make. So after my volunteer shift at the Maker Faire at Swap O Rama Rama – I did a little making investigation of my own! The cool thing I did find at The Crucible is painting your own Raku pieces of bisque fired clay pieces. The process is a low fire and using the glazes that are mainly copper based theres a reduction in temperature that creates these amazing metallic finishes! The kids and I made 3 little vessels and according to my pottery teacher they are just for decoration only which is fine as they are sitting on the mantle now in all their metallic glory. I love the randomness of the color and cleaning up the piece after being in the fire the colors show up even more!
8am start at the Maker Faire for set up of Swap O Rama Rama – all so very quiet that early!
Raku pieces out in full glory

 So good to be with the Swap O Rama again this year – being there last year I knew what to expect and help people out with their modifications – the pic below is someone making an infinity scarf out of pant legs. It was so great to share my experience of making infinity scarves with someone else!

Pant legs become a scarf 
Hanging out in the dark room is something I love to see too as the pictures you can capture are super cool! Being with the kids is tricky as you have to hang onto them! This is a cool wall sculpture that you could change the colors of the piece – it was just beautiful. The bottom pic is of my son with a LED selfie that he took! We saw lots of robots, 3d printed items, legos, steampunk outfits, fire and many many art installations – these are my kind of people! 
Changing colors 
LED Selfie

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