A piece a week – A rainbow pride cat hat!

Inspired by seeing the pride flag fly high in San Francisco I made this cat hat from a great book my hubby found for me at the library Cats in Hats by Sara Thomas. A friend at my hula class was chatting about how easy they are to make and how cute they are on the cats – I must agree!! My cat Mack loves this and is purring when I put this on his head. 
Mack and Bella in the background with his new rainbow hat

Bella saying no way with her butt

Bella in the background saying you ain’t getting that on my head!!

It has been a fun week with finding this cute nest made with magnolia leaves on the outer stuck there with poop. Birds are the greatest architects of nature.

Look mum a Bird nest

Other excitement over here has been with my new bike designed by Public bikes in San Francisco. I love the red and it is such a comfortable ride that I can just jump on and go without getting into gym clothes – yes, perfect for my lifestyle!

Love this bike!!

Me and My bike 

We have been riding from the bike track to the various parks off the paths – as long as there are no hills!!

The riding crew – cruising at 5 miles per hour

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