A piece a Week – The end of the summer Vacay Limoncello Wrapup

The culmination of 10 weeks of summer holidays is finally here! I cannot believe that the kids will be back at school tomorrow – yet only for a half day! Still that will grant me enough time to exercise and get the food for the week and with a bit of luck some rest?!? This week I finished a project I started earlier in the year my Limoncello that has been sitting in the dungeon since end of December!! That is crazy that it took me that long to make a sugar syrup, cool it and then bottle it for the freezer. It tastes so good and is the perfect summer cocktail addition – it has been super hot here this whole weekend, whew I need to find a pool!!
Limoncello ready for the freezer

As I had both of the kiddos booked into art camp this week I was granted 2 hours each day to do a project – I am currently working on a wrap skirt to ride my bike in but I have not had a chance to fully complete it due to the hot weekend and bike riding, a bbq and some jazz! During the week by the art school we found a passion flower vine and the kids made some super cool artwork. 
Beautiful passion flower on the vine

A passion flower embrace 

Ash was in a Graphic Novel camp and Missy did a Mummies and Pyramids camp creating art inspired by Egypt. Here is what Ash created with his a banana slug  and his adventures…

Super cool graphic novel idea inspired by the great banana slug who lives in the Redwoods

Missy’s crown with a snake

Chilling out on a Sunday afternoon with jazz at Rengstorff House at Shoreline Park we enjoyed a bike ride in the hot sun to get there! By the time we left the breeze was blowing and we enjoyed the ride back home in the cool! We saw a very talented Mo Chi Quartet and headlining on the Flugelhorn was my ceramic teachers husband John Worley and it was so good to finally see him play.

The boys at R House enjoying some jazz

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