A piece a Week – A Summer Shift

Last week I was working away in production mode getting myself prepared for the FabMo show at the end of October when I ran out of notions to finish pieces. Plus it was so so hot that I felt like a textile worker working in hot as hell conditions. So to use my iron was a no no so I wanted to play around a little and thought I could just whip up a shift dress from this book – it is a wonderful Japanese sewing book called Casual Sweet Clothes and I wanted to make a shift dress with a lower neckline like the top from the book. As I was putting it together I had an idea to add pockets like another shift I love to wear and pockets are always handy! In the end it sucked up the hours I had left on Friday and a couple of hours Saturday – so the plan of having a quick sewing project was a learning experience in time management!! The fabric was from a vintage barkcloth sarong that I would never wear so I used it for this fun summery dress…
Summer shift ready for next summer now that it is cooler this week!

My baby girl Bella struggling to escape

Baby Bella getting some breeze on the fence!
Looking for a plane to take me away to Hawaii…

Friday was our Rocket Day at our school and it is so much fun – the kids did not want to leave and before I knew it, darkness was upon us and I whisked the kiddos home. They made some super cool rockets with fancy duct tape a friend let us have and off they flew and the kids chased them for an evening of community awesomeness!

Missy and her rocket 
Off to chase the rockets with her friend Jellybean and Mr Ash is in the background in black!

This weekend I had a quick look on Craigslist as I wanted to upgrade the dining room chairs and look what I found! Four beautiful mid century design Leland International Slam Chairs that go perfectly with our Ash handmade dining table – I am so happy with these chairs and they are super comfortable as well. Now I need to find 2 more at the Craig’s price 🙂

What super comfy chairs – I love serendipity

The local nursery called me to let me know that they had passionfruit plants in stock so I said to them hold onto a 5 gallon plant for me and I will come by and get it! Little did I know the size of a 5 gallon plant, it was huge! It probably would not even fit in my car 🙂 So I opted for a edible variety of passionfruit called Black Knight and it is a 1 gallon perfect for taking on my bike along the trail back home. 

Riding home with my passionfruit plant 
Today I was in Whole Foods checking out the local flowers and I found a bunch of Cockscomb flowers with such incredible colour, I had to take these home with me to brighten up my table this week – it is off to a wonderful start!
Cockscomb flowers from Full Belly Farm 

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