A piece a Week – A Wild 1980s Zebra Skirt

Being in production mode for the FabMo show in just 1 month I was allowing myself a little experimentation this week after a week full of happenings! I fractured my toe when the cutting board flew off the counter smashing the top bone in my big toe, so for the next month I have to wear a flat bottomed shoe in order for the toe to heal completely. This was something I did not need with my current schedule – still life goes on and I just have to use my other foot to work the sewing machine! I wanted to made an elastic waist fun skirt to tie in with Halloween so I found this zebra print – very 80s and lined it with a tulle to poof it out a little bit. It feels a lot of fun to wear and this is a piece that will be for sale at the show – yay one item down, who knows how many more…
Get ready for some 1980s action in this skirt
The fractured toe and its orthopedic shoe for the next month – I will have to bling this shoe up I think!

As I was looking at the skeleton in the Doctors office I wanted to know which bone I fractured – it is the top bone before the joint (thank goodness!) Still it is fascinating to see the skeleton and to see how fragile them bones can be!

Amazing bone structure!

So the weekend involved a lot of cooking as friends of ours visited with their little bubba from Seattle. So I prepared galettes for lunch on Sunday with a fig tart for dessert. For the family I made this super cool chick pea rice dish – vegetarian (omit the egg) with mung beans from the Salad Samurai cookbook, perfect for summer salads on these hot days!

Cool down with a rice salad from Salad Samurai – a riff on the Couscous salad with Preserved Lemons

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