A piece a Week – Christmas Commissions

Last week slowed down a lot which was so good as a cold came my way and I was quite tired from all the work from the last few weeks. So I had a couple of fun projects commissioned by friends. This one a Secret Santa gift of a Hello Kitty bow in this super cute neon Hello Kitty fabric. 
Trying out the Hello Kitty bow

 My other commission was by a friend from my dance class who is an enamel artist – she wanted a scarf she could wear in her studio. This is made from the wonderful stretch fabric I found at FabMo. She was so happy with the gift to herself and is planning to put it under the Christmas tree.

A scarf for my dancing friend 

Midweek I had an Opthamology appointment to see the specialist about how to look after the Pellucid Marginal Degeneration I was diagnosed with back in March. Seems like I will just be wearing my glasses and enjoying lots of kale with 1 cup of kale giving you 180% of vitamin A which aids with vision and immunity. The specialist said with my 20/20 vision in my glasses is fine and that I don’t need an operation – whew! If I was going to be a candidate for the procedure of corneal cross linking  he would check my optometry history first. He checked my corneas and they were healthy and my eyes were dilated for quite a while after the appointment, so what else do you do when you are waiting around in the hospital except take selfies and knit. 

Dilated pupils after my appointment
Come the end of the week I found these two kitties hanging out on my bed in a position that I wanted to be as the last few weeks have been exhausting – it was an early night for me and it feels so good to be on a break now and having the opportunity to rest and relax.

My two kitties sharing their body warmth

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