A piece a Week – A Quick Quilt Hack

This week I have been thinking about the amazing quilt top I found at FabMo ages ago that I made into tote bags and reminiscing about the vintage fabric that someone collected to hand sew this beauty together. I love the tote bags that I made so much that I thought well I should make a quilt of my own with this and not give it away. Now this quilt will have its own little story about where it came from and how it came into being for my lounge room. 
As a collector of fabrics and someone who uses repurposed fabric in their projects I am constantly receiving fabric from friends for either the classes I teach or for my own use. A friend of mine gave me her unfinished quilt batting and it was so warm I thought I will use my newly found quilt skills from our Arts Focus class and make my own quilt sandwich with fabric from FabMo for the back and the hand quilted vintage fabric for the quilt top. I just love it as I can sit on the couch and relax with this little lap quilt and knit the day away with a cup of tea, while catching up on the latest episode of Downton Abbey. Hey it is winter – so any downtime nice and snug is a good thing, I am quite a fan of hibernation 😉 
My quilt hack with no binding just the edges folded over
Oh and speaking of Arts Focus – we had our reception for the Fall session last Thursday evening, the kids can show their family and friends and then take their art work home. Here is Mr Ash with his Maori Sticks creation from the Global Beats class. 
Hit me with your rhythm stick

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