A piece a Week – A Tote Bag for the Silent Auction

I promised my friends at the Silent Auction at school that I would make a custom one of a kind poppypeach bag for the silent auction coming up end of March. Inspired by the colours of Spring I found this heavyweight cotton floral fabric and made a large tote bag. The straps are from the hospital – used once and then discarded. The straps are in perfect working order and they highlight the floral print with their brightness. 
A happy spring tote ready for auction
At school the 5th graders wrote their lines for their re-enactment of the Colonial days with Stevensburg with skits of what society was like back in the day. All of the kids had wonderful costumes and Ash was a butler and here he is practicing pouring tea before the big day at school!

Fancy a cup of tea Governor?
Thursday we had the quilting bee at school with the quilts out on their frames and being quilted by the kiddos with beads and embroidery floss. This quilt will then be auctioned off at the Silent Auction. 
Getting ready for quilting with this fish quilt

The weather on the weekend was rainy most of the day on Saturday with lots of rain coming down Saturday night. We had planned a hike to La Honda Creek on Sunday – when I say planned, I mean you have to have a permit to hike here. There are less than 4 miles of paths so it is a perfect hike for a family without anything too strenuous except for an uphill climb (that seems to never end) up a grassy meadow to the vista point. The fun thing about this place was that while we were there for over 2 hours we only saw another couple there and that was up on the vista point when we were heading up there. What a treat it was to be hiking without anyone else around – this is the Bay Area after all and it is extremely rare to have anywhere to yourself! Sunday mornings are perfect for family hikes and this is something I want to do more of this year.

This sign was an indicator to what we experienced for the rest of the day

The hike had a magical quality to it with the rain and winds of the night before the woodland felt like it was recovering and getting itself back in order. I just love all the green of the mosses all over the trees. Everything was sparkling in the morning light as you can see from some of the pictures. There were lots of oak and plenty of redwoods in between paths of green meadows with rolling hills looking up to the huge puffy clouds on a blue, grey sky.

Hey man, a banana slug enjoys the wet weather

The kids found a skull in one of the meadows

Found a bunch of fun guys to hang with! 

Here is the vista point – Welcome!

Looking out to the sea

One of the amazing oak trees growing in this very special forest

Some sun drenched fungi

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