A piece a Week – Time out to the De Young

What a special time to go and visit the DeYoung with my friend from Oakland last week. It was my second last week to enjoy time before the chaos of summer kicks in and I have the kids for over 2 months. Time out to enjoy art is truly something that I cherish and the fact that clothes are involved it was even better! I really enjoyed the Oscar De La Renta show with all the color he used in his clothes and the fabrics – I just wanted to touch the fabrics they were exquisite. Working with textiles is like that – you just want to feel everything.

After checking out the show my friend and I had a quick wander around the De Young and found an inspiring textiles exhibition by Kay Sekimachi – student, teacher, artist with lots of woven textiles in various hues. Before we left the De Young in San Francisco we enjoyed Ruth Asawa in the downstairs foyer of the observation deck.

Silkworm cocoons and moth

On the subject of fabrics we were visiting the farm at McClellan Ranch on Friday to get some chicken coop training. While we were waiting we visited the Nature center where there was a silkworm moth hatched from its cocoon. It was fascinating to learn about the life of this silk moth – it has 24 hours to find a mate and then it will die. I found this post about the lifecycle of a silkworm and I did not know there was such a thing as Peace Silk where the moths are allowed to emerge from their cocoons and live their life cycle.

And thanks to the lemonade project my daughter was doing at class I scored more lemons so I have decided to make a lemon shrub for cocktails this summer! When life gives you lemons (especially Meyer lemons!) then make a Lemon Shrub. Friday I went out with the ladies and had a watermelon shrub so what better way to understand what I was drinking – so I make my own.