Australia is a long way from the USA…


Finally after traveling for over 20 hours we made it to the Southern Hemisphere a bit blurry and tired but very happy to see the family. It has been 10 years since our move to California and we finally came home after 5 years!


Flying from Sydney airport to Brisbane for a 1 hour flight I was finally greeted by some very decent airline food with some amazing treats by Rowie’s Cakes made locally in Sydney. After over 13 hours of eating and sitting watching films that did not require too much concentration this was a breakfast that spoke to me with the combination of passionfruit yoghurt and wholegrain sprinkles – now you are talking Australia! And the Super Bites snack with superfoods – that is my language.


See this little magpie sitting on the cable –  I heard his call and I know I am back in Australia, being up from 5:30am was fine with me watching the beautiful sky and sunrise. The sounds of the familiar bird sounds like the rainbow lorikeet speeding through the sky was a special thing to wake up to!


As we went to the ‘mall’ as my son calls it to do some errands we found some kids photographers who asked us for a photography shoot which was a lot of fun – the kids seemed to have a great time posing for the camera with little outfits they provided with a quick presto-change-o being a shower curtain hooked up to a hula hoop!


More talk about food – – I saw the name of this and thought of my cats Mack and Bella, this is the best name for a chocolate macadamia spread made right here in Queensland. So instead of the usual Nutella we are going to give this a go! It is Belgian chocolate and macadamia nuts, I seriously could eat the whole jar!!


As one of our errands today was to go to the local library and get some new books to read! The fun thing about visiting libraries on the other side of the world is finding new books that are not available in the USA we found books published in either the UK or Australia. We found some cute little character books like this new favorite series Best Dog Bonnie as animal books are always a fave with Missy.


We are staying at a beautiful Air BnB on the Peninsula and loving it with its space and open back yard – here is Mr Ash done for the day and happy to curl up in his bed and read Garfield comic books.