Going home… back to Reddo!

Our temporary home – the Air BnB house with a big back yard

Strange how when you grow up somewhere and then you revisit everything seems so different and familiar at the same time. I finally went back to the house I grew up in after about 8 years and the feeling of coming back home with memories from way back when come fleeting into your mind. I spent so much of my time outside enjoying the back yard with my sister and just like my son (in the pic below) riding my bike around the house for hours on end with the cat in my bike basket. Another favorite memory was rollerskating underneath the house on the newly poured concrete listening to my little tape player – in my own mind creating a rollerdrome at home. I love remembering super cute things like that rather then the time when I set the back yard aluminum shed on fire! What a way to learn about experimenting with fire, lucky for me the hose was close by. Afterwards I think we lost out privileges to the space as somewhere to hang out – I was OK about it, as it was full of spiders anyway!

Riding around the back yard – what I used to do as kid

Visiting my parents cat was interesting too as he has no idea who we are as we have only met him a couple of times in his lifetime. The kids enjoyed patting him as he is super furry and very soft. I used to love when he gets shaved in the summer time to keep cool. He has only his tail, face and boots left and the rest of his body is furless, it is a very funny sight!

Yeti the Himalayan Persian being friendly?!?

The excitement that has hit this little seaside town of Redcliffe was the opening of the Bee Gees memorial by the beach. It looked very cool with this great history of the Bee Gees and their connection to Redcliffe where they hung out before becoming famous. I love the Saturday Night Fever era on the dance floor!

Checking out the Bee Gees in action

Super fun pics and fashions from my fave time with the Bee Gees!

I love the captions for these pics and the golden suits!

We all took a wander down to the beach front shopping center as we used to call it and checked out the many cafes that have sprung up since the last time I checked it out. Everything is looking new and improved with lots of interesting shops to check out including a pop up shop where some department store used to be. There are always lots of $2 shops everywhere you go here with so much stuff that you wonder where does it all go in the end?!? I found a great little juice bar with my sister with a great looking food called the Kashmir Cafe that I will be checking out again.

I found my chicks name ‘Ruby’

We also went to a place where we hung out & fed the ducks crusts of bread, when we were kids – not good at all & we did not know any better at the time!? Still we know better now… I took the kids and they really enjoyed seeing some new wildlife & I impressed the kids with my bird knowledge 🙂 I loved seeing the refurbished pond, the bridges & the lotus leaves and taking a good walk around to see the changes.

A cormorant hanging out its wings

The trees were just beautiful I am used to seeing the giant redwoods and a great sign of being home is the flora and fauna. So when I saw these ghost gums, the kids enjoyed checking them out too.

The kiddos and a ghost gum or two

The highlight was the new, fancy jetty with the whale watching boat ready to go out for the season. Check it out below – back in the day the railings were few and far between on a wooden jetty where you could see the water beneath your feet, now this great set up for fishermen and tourists, go Reddo!

Taking a walk down the jetty – no jetty jumping today!