Am I ready to repatriate?


Many people ask me why am I leaving? The answer is simple really I want to be back home near my family. Initially, my move was instigated by the November election a couple of years ago saying I gotta get the heck outta dodge ASAP. Now as I am coming down to the reality that it is really happening and it is quite a nerve-wracking experience. Even though I am going home, things still will be the same but I will be starting all over again in our community. I have been living here in California – yep just here in Mountain View for the last 12 years and somehow you get caught in a rhythm of life especially when you have children. The biggest sadness I will feel is leaving our amazing school community, they have been the reason I have wanted to stay here so long. I realigned our plans so long ago when I realised what an incredible foundation it is for our children. What came about being a part of a parent participation community and being involved in our children’s education was that I wanted to be a part of this incredible experience, being with children and teaching them.

Through serendipitous events, I enrolled to do my degree in Education and the experience so far has been eye-opening and with each unit I do I appreciate all the hard work a teacher does in the classroom. To be the teacher is an experience I truly enjoy and I am so happy to work with children with their boundless energy and creativity. The funny thing is that when I am teaching the kids art they are so engaged in the experience and so happy to begin their projects – this is what I love about teaching! The sheer joy kids get from creating and making. I see this in the classroom where my daughter goes to school, the community I have volunteered in for 9 years – something so close to my heart that it has made me become someone who shares their love of making and creating with the world to teach. The knowledge I gain from my classwork and the research I am doing in regards to 21st-century learning and teaching in the classroom is something the kids deserve more than anything. Kids do not need to be in a structured industrial age model of learning anymore, they need to be allowed to experiment, be creative, use their minds to critically think and most of all collaborate. Going back to the Australian education system is where my children will receive this and that is another good reason to go home. Project Based Learning is for everyone and if resources and funding allow yes it should be a huge part of the learning experience for kids. This way they will grow up to be an active member of society and have the ability to think on their feet no matter what is thrown at them. That is what I love about teaching sharing the joy of learning so kids can also be active in their learning and create lifelong memories.

Anyway, I have been writing two essays this week – one on 21st-century learning and teaching and the other on The Stolen Generation, White Australia’s atrocities to the traditional owners of Australia. Nothing much has been happening and I think I will just have to update my blog with musings on what is going on with the move, because I am constantly thinking I need to do something every day to make this move happen! Next step getting some plane tickets – now that will make it real!!

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