Whoa what a week it has been with Missy’s 11th birthday over the weekend and we started the weekend with a vanilla mud cake topped with unicorn sprinkles and the best rainbow glitter candles! It was a huge day and we had a tasty Mexican lunch at Hotel Jesus in Fitzroy, it is a perfect place for brunch. The Oaxacan feast was the best – my friend and I enjoy the vegetarian feast!

After our Mexican lunch, we went across the road to Gelato Messina and the most amazing ice cream ever. Definitely a place to check out if you love ice cream, I first found their ice cream cones at the supermarket as I was drawn to the design on the packaging and they were divine. It was also the big day to buy a birthday present from mum and dad and she wanted a short scale bass case. Who know they were hard to find! So we went to Manny’s – a well known music store and then they had cases but for regular size guitars. They were not working out, so my friend offered to drive us to South Melbourne to the Bass Centre to pick up the case they had in stock – mission accomplished! After all this excitement we had to end the day with a lovely cup of tea – Rooibos (bohemian rhapsody) and some sweets in South Melbourne at Bibelot a beautifully designed French patisserie, just like Alexanders Patisserie in Mountain View – it bought back so many memories!

Then Monday came around and it was time for camp for Missy and a Taro Latte for Ash as he got to hang out with Mum solo for 2 days. I was chatting to a parent friend of mine at the primary school and they said the kids were flat out with their activities at camp – making a raft, enjoying a disco, going for a night hike, jumping on the water trampoline and making damper (and burning it!). Lucky kids, it sounds like such a fun camp!

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